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Beginning my Amateur Radio Technician Ticket

Realistic RadioWhen I was younger I spent many hours looking through catalogs from Radio Shack and Heathkit at all the cool 2-way radios. My 8th Grade year in Middle School my dad promised to buy me anything of my choice if I would finish with straight A’s in all my classes. I just knew I would get one of those cool radios. Though I did finish with straight A’s, I ended up with a very large electronics bench for building and experimenting – something which is now rewarding more me so than a radio would have.

So, in my ever growing list of hobbies, I’m going for the Technician Class amateur radio license – something I have always wanted to do. Looking forward to my own call sign. My study book is on its way from ARRL, and I’ve already learned the NATO phonetic alphabet.

What will I do with my ticket? I like to listen. I think I would like SOTA-like (Summits on the Air) activities. I’m in love with the Buddipole system. I could see traveling and DXing with the world. So many choices of equipment, it is bewildering.