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Next Career Step – CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+After having spent the last two years living my dream of being self-employed and selling an independent product I developed, build, and support for some of the most well known acts in the entertainment world, it is time to begin re-entering the traditional work force. Due to the commoditization of what I developed, and the easier-access to other solutions int he DIY realm, I am excited to be looking again at continuing my IT career. Back in the late 90s I earned my MCSE, MCP, and MCP+I certifications – that’s Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional, and Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet. While I have had many years of experience under those certs, I wasn’t sure where to pick back up. I didn’t want to aim too low, and I wanted a little challenge while staying within an area that interested me. I consulted a fellow colleague in the IT world for his recommendations on my next certification step…and he suggested Security! I’ve always had a way of analyzing data, looking for anomalies in system logs, and always been keen on securing the networks I built – so it makes perfect sense to start back in with CompTIA’s Security+ certification. I’ll begin studying right away and hope to have the cert completed by the end of this year.