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A Hurricane Preparedness Water Essential

Something I learned over the many years of living Florida: 1) hurricanes are inevitable, and 2) at the slightest mention of a hurricane, the water at the stores sells out immediately. So what does one do? There is a solution. Buy a WaterBOB and have it on hand for the next emergency. The WaterBOB goes into your bathtub and acts as a 100-gallon water bottle! Simply unfold it into your tub, and fill it up! You instantly have 100 gallons of water at your disposal in a safe, sealed container, ready for dispensing from the included hand pump.

Unfortunately, at the slight mention of a hurricane, these WaterBOBs nearly always sell out, and then the price gouging starts. The WaterBOB should only run you around $25 to keep one (or two) on hand – but look out, I’ve seen them sell for hundreds of dollars come storm time.

My family always has a Water BOB on standby…yours should too.